construction services

Our team approach and qualifications guarantee that we will be exceptionally responsive to your needs: a quality project, on time and within budget. Our abilities are greatly enhanced by our long-standing local presence, our knowledge of all applicable agency regulations and requirements, and our commitment to the community.


• Functional analysis of the project design
• Review alternative construction means and methods to ensure maximum productivity
• Assessing the impact of any proposed changes on the project design and construction
• Identification of building code and ADA accessibility compliance issues
• Identification of issues of interdisciplinary coordination and contract document errors or omissions
• Ensuring that design concepts are developed within the limits of the project scope, budget, and schedule


• Value Engineering is a systematic effort directed at analyzing the function of goods and services to achieve those necessary functions and other essential characteristics in the most cost-effective manner
• Evaluation of project design early in the planning and programming phases
• Analysis of space usage, design ratios, material use, and construction methods


• Strive for continuous improvement of construction means and methods
• Cultivation of long-term relationships with clients, design professionals, government officials, subcontractors, and suppliers
• Building quality through teamwork
• Effective communication among all project participants
• Selection of subcontractors and suppliers is based upon mutual trust and confidence, demonstrated high-quality performance, and acceptable price
• Commitment to client satisfaction and service

• Implementing and enforcing Delant’s safety policies and procedures on every project
• Strict compliance with all OSHA requirements
• Emphasis on safety training and education
• Maintain a drug-free workplace
• Strive for accident-free job sites


• Defining environmental effects and potential hazards of the project design and construction
• Develop and implement hazard mitigation plan and environmental clean-up
• Strict compliance with all DERM requirements


• Full range of operating, control, and reporting procedures to ensure effective project management
• Utilization of the most advanced scheduling, estimating, and project management tools
• Application of company wide policies and procedures for project management, logistics, cost control, document control, planning, scheduling, and contract administration

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